Message from the President

The well-developed educational system in our university definitely realizes the goals of all of our students to work as experts in the field of medical welfare.

Akio Tsubahara

Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare
Akio Tsubahara

The most important role to support the current and future situation in Japan’s super-aged society is to nurture excellent experts in the field of medical welfare. These excellent experts in the field of medical welfare are considered to be professionals who have a tender heart, give thorough attention to, and explain capably to patients and disabled people. Additionally, they possess the ability to encourage closer cooperation with team members in medical welfare, as well as deep knowledge and high technology. To foster such excellent experts in the field of medical welfare, Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare was established as Japan’s first 4-year university with the name of medical welfare in the title.

The School Corporation Kawasaki Gakuen, the parent organization of our university, was founded by Dr. Sukenobu Kawasaki in 1970. At the same time, Kawasaki Medical School and Kawasaki Senior High School Attached to Kawasaki Medical School were established in Kurashiki City. Subsequently, Kawasaki Medical School Hospital and Kawasaki College of Allied Health Professions were established in 1973, and our university in 1991. After Dr. Sukenobu Kawasaki opened a surgery clinic as a surgeon in downtown Okayama City in 1938, he developed it into a general hospital in 1960. A new hospital named as Kawasaki Medical School General Medical Center was constructed adjacent to the old hospital in 2016. He had continued to propagate his idea that medical services should exist for patients, and made a lot of effort to provide the best medical care to every patient in a spirit of deep human love until his death. Since he had explained the importance of the same idea in the field of social welfare, he established the Social Welfare Corporation Asahigawaso, the world's first comprehensive medical welfare facility in 1957, and Kawasaki Junior College of Rehabilitation in 1974. Staff members of all facilities in Kawasaki Gakuen have created a medical welfare brand named as the Kawasaki Group.

Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare is a comprehensive university where a variety of educational courses for several experts in the field of medical welfare have been prepared. Although there were only 2 faculties including 6 departments at the time of opening, there are now 5 faculties including 17 departments and 3 graduate schools including master's programs and doctoral programs. Instead of considering health and social welfare as different things, we regard learning the new academic discipline of medical welfare as an indispensable factor. Concretely speaking, we have emphasized the importance of learning social welfare as well as medical science to students who aspire to work in the medical profession. Similarly, we have required medical science as a mandatory subject for the students who aspire to work as social welfare personnel. Consequently, the best medical welfare service must be provided to many patients and disabled people by a seamless cooperation between the medical profession and social welfare personnel.

We expect applicants for admission to our university to determine prior to admission what kind of experts in the field of medical welfare would be the most desired goal. All educators at our university promise to make maximum efforts to ensure that every enrolled student can realize their hopes. We hope every current student will make a contribution to social progress as a warm and excellent expert in the field of medical welfare.