The Founding and Features of the University

Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare was founded in 1991 as the first four-year university in Japan to integrate medicine and social welfare. It conducts education and research in both ‘medical welfare’ and ‘medical technology’ in an effort to meet the multiple needs of a ‘super aged’ society with the nation’s long life expectancy and low birthrates.

Our goal is to unite medicine and welfare from a fresh viewpoint and produce outstanding specialists who can contribute to the development of medical welfare and health science. We also aim to train personnel who specialize in service to those who need help out of respect for their humanity, according to the education philosophy, ‘Liberal Humanity, Sound Body, and Profound Knowledge.’

With its wider outlook and an eternally innovative spirit, the university endeavors to achieve the systemization of medical welfare, medical technology, health and welfare services administration. Additionally, the university strives to produce instructors, along with highly trained professionals, who will play leading roles in the field of medical welfare.